Complete Set of Franklin Halfs + MINT 1964 Kennedy Half

Complete Set Of Ben Franklin Half Dollars 1948-196 (35 Halfs + 1 Kennedy TOTAL: 36 Coins) PLUS: A 1964 AU (Beatiful Bright-possible UNC) Kennedy Half! All coins were hand picked fore best possible condition (t are no junk coins in this set) Comes complete with the Whitman book! T are some ral nice coins in this lot. The 1956 looks like a AU

If you follow my auctions, I mostly sell music & movie items. I don't know much about coins, but I was left with a large collection of US Coins from a family member (silver dollars, halfs, dimes, pennies, gold, ect... I have had these coins for quite a few years now.

I am forced to sell them because my Mother recently passed away and I have a few bills that need to be paid. With today economy and work being slow (I am a carpenter and I am also in the US Army Reserves) I am forced to sell these beautiful coins.

They are a GREAT investment and they are guarenteed to be original US Coins. I don't know how to grade coins (I am an expert in grading vinyl records - if you follow my auctions I have almost a FIVE STAR rating on my grading system for vinyl & my other music & movie items), so I placed large scanned photos of the coins so you can judge them. But I know that these coins were hand picked for the best possible condition for his collection and were all
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