Complete Set of Jefferson Nickels

1938-P through 2011 P&D

Uncirculated 1950-D + 2011 P&D

"Many" "Many" "Many" More Uncirculated

"Super Nice Set"

This Set is Housed in a Very Nice (New) Dansco Album

"The Home of Quality Coins"

"If it is high quality Jefferson sets you are looking for, you have come to the right place. All of the nickels in this set are hand picked and are both uncirculated and circulated. Please check the feedback of these sets. No damaged coins included.

Many uncirculated nickels.

(You will find many uncirculated and high quality nickels in this set). Read Carefully the descriptions below.

__________________________________________ 1938-P through 1961-D contains 66 nice nickels, Mints P;D&S. These coins will mostly range from VF'S to Extra Fine with some AU's and UNC'S.

_____________________________________ 1962-P through 1995-D contains 66 nickels of nice quality ranging from (AU's) and many (UNC's). All are very nice coins.


1996 to, and including the 2011-P&D which remains very difficult and expensive to obtain;


Please Take Note: If the coins in this set were graded only F-12 the
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