Complete Set Kennedy Half Dollar coins 1964 - 2014 in 3 albums inc 1970D!

Set of Kennedy half dollars, complete from 1964 - 2014 including the hard to find 1970D, 1987 P & D. A total of 94 different coins! All are in 3 Whitman coin folders. The first folder is complete from 1964 - 1985. The second album is complete from 1986 - 2003. The third is complete from 2004 - 2014 with room for future Kennedy coins. Bottom line, you are receiving a complete set 1964 - 2014, including the elusive 1970D, plus 3 Whitman coin folders. The 1964, 1964D, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968D, 1969D, & 1970D are silver! The 1970D, 1987 P & D are uncirculated and still in their original cello packs! Nice collection of coins!

Nice chance to get some low mintage and hard to find half dollars all at once without searching for individual coins or small groups of coins!

Free 1976 $2 bill if you buy any 2 of my coin listings! I will likely save a little if I ship together so receive a free $2 bill if you purchase 2 of my coin listings and pay for at the same time, so I can ship together. Buy 3 of my coin listings and pay at the same time and receive 2 free $2 bills etc. etc.

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