Complete set of Fleer Crazy Labels

Complete set of Crazy labels- includes all variants!!! This set is incredibly difficult to put together and you hardly ever see a full set with all the variant cards included!! is the chance to get a truly complete full set. One wax wrapper will be included with the set. Fleer only produced one series of Crazy Labels in 1979 but they did two pressings. This set includes all the cards from the first and second pressings. All cards are in excellent condition.. please see scans.

is a list of the variant cards.. some of them are only different on the back:

#6 - Spithetti/Mad-itch (front variants)

#27 - Bananacin/Beaver Frozen Dinner(front variants)

#37 - Both cards are Maimed Toothwaste fronts but the backs are - Kooky Glue/Dare Eat Those

#44- Both cards are Sunburnt on the front but the backs are - Arash Spring/US Fail

#46- Both cards are Draines Burpers on the front but the backs are- Pesta/U-8 Juice

#50- U-8 Juice/Pestea (front variants)

#53- US Fail/Arash Spring (front variants)

#57- Dare Eat Those/Kooky Glue (front variants)

Paypal payments only

Payments must be made with in 2 days of auction close. Cards will be removed from binder sheets to asure that they arrive in excellent condition.