Complete Set of 6 Toy Tool & 1 Brick Tinnies from 1939 - Donation Badges p. 16

Winterhilfswerk from World War II Era!

The Winterhilfswerk was a German charitable organization that offered small tokens of appreciation for donations to street collections. These tokens were made of many different materials and usually took the form of pins or pendants. There were National-level WHWs and local WHWs. The National-level WHWs were referred to as Reichsstrassensammlungen. The local WHWs are referred to as Gau Strassensammlungen.

This is the complete set of 6 toy Construction Tools and the wood brick tinnies issued by the German Youth Hostels - DJH (generically referred to as WHWs) during 1939. They are shown on page 16 of Donation Badges, Pins & Pendants of the Third Reich by Cassidy & Alexander, available for sale on ebay.

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