NEW! Composition Compo Creme Doll REPAIR KIT!

NEW " Compo Creme 2 " Kit

It's Back by Popular Demand!!!

And it’s New and Improved!

it is - the new and improved “Compo Creme” KIT!!! This product has been in use for several years however, the new crème now has a longer shelf life! This kit contains 3 Containers – one each of the Light, Medium and Dark cremes. Complete detailed instructions for use are also included. These colors are design to be used either alone or combined, for a “custom” matched color for your particular project. By purchasing this kit - you'll no longer need to guess which color you need for a specific project.

This is an absolutely fantastic product meant for use on any Composition doll, toy, bank, etc.

It’s used to repair Crazing, Cracking, or Small Holes which may appear on the surface of the Composition.

It’s extremely easy to use! Simply apply the crème, wipe off the excess, and those imperfections disappear! It’s that easy! It can be lightly sanded if desired, and can be used on either flat or shiny dolls. T is little or no cleanup and it’s fast dying as well! This product is much easier to use, and provides a much nicer repair than similar epoxy products.

This is a wonderful product for anyone interested in learning composition doll restoration as well as those already operating a professional
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