Composition doll 1950s or before, may be Dewees Cochran

This is a doll from my grandmother's estate; she died in 1957, so it could be from any time before that. We believe the material is composition. We couldn't find any identifying markings. We posted a photo on a doll collecting website, and they thought it might be a Dewees Cochran (there were apparently some works she didn't sign). It does look a lot like her work, so it may have been a prototype. There is a lot of resemblence to the Susan (Stormie) Stormalong in the age 7 version, although this doll has brown eyes and most of the examples we found had blue, which leads us to think it might also have been one of her portrait dolls. We couldn't find anything exactly like her, so we suspect she might be rare.

Her facial expression is gorgeous. The contours are very artistic, she has defined shape under her eyes, chin, mouth, cheeks, and nose. She has a beautiful mouth in coral, with a little dot of the same color in each nostril to give it depth. There is a deeper groove between upper and lower lip to separate them, the contours of her mouth are incredibly realistic. Her brown eyes are exquisitely painted with bright little dots for sparkle. Her upper eyelashes are glued on, the lower ones are painted. Her left eyelash is coming a little unglued at the corner, we didn't mess with that. Her right eyelash looks like a couple
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