Composition and vintage vinyl doll to restore, TLC doll

Very sweet doll that needs lots of help.


1. The nose is missing composition/or paint

2. The left side of her head is bashed in. I have not removed the wig but I can feel there is damage.

3. Her little fingers are all there but the right hand fingers are rough at the ends.

4. Her all original clothes are torn in spots and have darkened with age.

5. Her eyes sometimes like to not open all the way---due to the head damage--residue in the way of eye rocker.

Good Things:

1. All original clothes

2. Body looks good

3. Faintly cries

4. Eyes are clear

5. Has most/all lashes

6. Original wig of mohair

7. Slip and diaper are made of Birdseye curity cotton/ diaper material.