COMTEK MR-182 - COMTEK M-72 - Lapel Condensor Mic Set

Greetings. You are bidding on a compete set of the COMTEK MR-182, matching Wireless Microphone Transmitter M-72 with zippered belt-clip case, and a matching lapel pinned condensor microphone. This is a great set for wireless miking speakers in any setting from hotels, to corporate offices to outdoor. The set is over 10 years old and well worn from racking and use, but still works great. are the specifics: Serial Number 57889 on the MR-182, and 57888 on the M-72 with a shared channel of 9.24. M-72 transmitter requires a 9 volt battery, not included. Complete set includes, MR-182, M-72, belt clip case, condensor lapel pinned microphone, power cord and nylon flex antenna. The individual units can be found today on the internet for $600 and $250 respectively. I have another identical set for sell now on eBay with the only difference being serial number, of course, and channel 170.245.

are the general specs:


Carrier Frequency : 174 - 216 MHz
RF input : 50 ohms
RF sensitivity : 45 dB quieting at 1 uV (squelch setting)
Image rejection : Better than 90 dB
Spurious rejection : Better than 90 dB
Antenna :Nylon flex 1/4 wavelength whip
Audio output :

· Line level: +10 dB balanced at 600 - 250 ohms

· Headphone: +10 dB unbalanced at 20 ohms

· Mic output:
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