Conan the Barbarian # 59 VFN Price VARIANT

Conan the Barbarian #59

Publisher: Marvel Comics

VARIANT: Price Variant - UK

About UK Price Variants:
From the early 1960’s until the mid 1980’s many original American comic books were distributed in the UK through sweet shops and newsagents. In order that the UK retailers would know what to charge for them, the publishers produced covers variants with UK rather than US cover prices. These variant copies were printed at the same time on the same presses, with the same paper and the same ink as all the other copies. The only difference is that at some point in the print run, the Cents cover price was changed to Pence for the copies intended to be shipped to the UK. The exact quantity produced of these variants is unclear; however considering the relative sizes of the US & UK comic book markets it is unlikely to be above 10% of the entire print run.

Grade: VFN
(Very Fine) High to Mid grade comic. Appearing almost Near Mint at first glance but with two to three minor flaws upon closer inspection.

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