MEMOIRS OF A BULLFIGHTER. BY CONCHITA CINTRON. INTRODUCTION BY ORSON WELLES. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1968. Stated First American Edition. Very Scarce.

A nice First Edition of this scarce and fascinating memoirs of a famous female bullfighter from CHile who settled in Portugal, She killed 750 bulls before she settled down to breed dogs. First published in Spain in 1962 under the title "Recuerdos." Published more than 40 years ago, this First Edition book is now long out of print and very scarce, selling for between $45 and $85. Such a nice original edition is not likely to come up for sale again soon on ebay.

From the Dust Jacket: "Juan Belmonte said of Conchita Cintron, 'A unique figure in the history of bullfighting.' Fleur Cowles Meyer has called her 'the only great bullfighter who is a woman.' Miss Cintron is undoubtedly this century's most renowned and respected woman bullfighter. In 'Memoirs of a Bullfighter' she traces her life and career on three continents and offers insights and revelations into the drama of 'la Fiesta Brava.'

"The banderilleros, the apprentice matadors, the hangers-on, the swordhandlers, the ranchers, the constant travel, the glamour and acclaim-these made up Miss Cintron's life

"Early in her career, which extended from the mid-1930's to the early fifties, she was accepted and accorded the title of 'torero' by the closed, masculine society of bullfighters. The twentieth-century's most famous bullfighters were her colleagues-Belmonte, Manolete, Ordonex, Balderas and Carnicerito de Mexico-and she speaks of them with candor and insight. In one particularly gripping section of her book she describes a typical Sunday in the life of a terero, from the morning's terrifying uncertainty of what the afternoon might bring to the possible glory or goring in the arena.

"The first truly literate professional to write about bullfighting, Conchita Cintron first entered the bullring, in Peru, when she was thirteen. Her victorious career carried her through Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Portugal, France, Morocco, and finally Spain. Married, with six children, Miss Cintron is still involved with the bullfight world as a judge and newspaper columnist and is an attache to the Peruvian Embassy in Lisbon."

Contents include: La Nina; La Novillera; La torera; En Hispania; Adios al Toreo; Glossary; etc.

According to wikipedia: " Concepci�n Cintr�n Verrill , also known as Conchita Cintr�n or La Diosa de Oro ('The Golden Goddess') [ 1] (Antofagasta, August 9, 1922 – Lisboa, February 17, 2009), was a Chilean torera (female bullfighter), perhaps the most famous in the history of bullfighting. In the ring Cintr�n was said to display particular grace, style and bravado, a combination known as duende . She first fought in public in the Plaza de Acho, in Lima, in January 1936. On July 31, 1938 she made her debut as a novillera , also in Lima. This event established her as a professional rejoneadora, a rare (but not unprecedented) honor for a woman. After a trip to Portugal, she was invited to perform in Mexico. She made her Mexico City debut at the Plaza del Toreo on August 20, 1938. She failed to kill her bull, but nevertheless was a great hit with the crowd and the taurine critics. She was reported to have "caused pandemonium in the stands".She was gored in 1940 in Mexico City, by the bull Chiclanero. She fainted and was taken to the infirmary, but refused surgery and returned to the ring. There with one quick thrust she dispatched the bull and collapsed.From her Mexico City debut in 1938 through the 1940s, she was a big draw on the bullfighting circuit, in Mexico, Portugal, southern France, Venezuela and Colombia. She even fought once in the United States, near San Francisco, in a corrida in which the bull was not allowed to be killed.She also fought in Spain, but there were laws there intended to ban female bullfighters....

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