We have just purchased a Wonderful Large 1000-2000 Piece Collection of Concord Dollhouse Wooden Miniatures from 1989. All these Quality Miniatures are Brand New, Most in their Original Boxes and have been in storage since 1989. This Auction is for a Beautiful Set of 3 Matched Living Room Pieces. with Blue Appolstery. They are still New from 1989!!!. The Chair measurements are 4 1/4" High and 2 1/2" Wide, and 2 1/4" Deep. The Love Seat, 3 1/4", x 5 3/4" x 3 1/2", and the Sofa 3 1/4" x 7" x 2 1/2". The furniture is 1" to 1' Scale. Please view all the pictures for condition, and bid accordingly. We pick up a couple hundred "Vintage Pieces" each week!! Please check in often to see what we uncover. We will be listing about 5 pieces each day. If you need something you don't see, please email (address below). Due to their 20 plus years in storage, it is possible that, glue or hardware may come loose in shipping (an easy fix). While we don't expect this to happen often, please be aware that it could. We have also noticed that on a very few items a piece of hardware may have become tarnished. If we notice it we will point it out in the listing. However let the pictures be your guide. We have Duplicates of Almost All Items, so if you need more than one, simply let us know. If you are looking for particular pieces, please email and we will ... read more