CONCORD HOTEL Kiamesha Catskills Monticello 1958

THE CONCORD HOTEL KIAMESHA LAKE MONTICELLO CATSKILLS MOUNTAINS BORSCHT BELT JEWISH ALPS NEW YORK 1958 ~~ Dining Room ~~ Kitchen ~~ Table Ware ~~ Hotel Silver ~~ Hotel Dishes ~~ Milk~~ approx. 4" high Creamer This is what it says on the bottom "Grand Silver Co Wear-Brite Nickel Silver Silver Soldered the Concord" 's the story of this milk / creamer.(if anyone cares) In the summer of 1958 I was "going steady" with a boy from Brooklyn who worked as a waiter in The Concord Hotel. Back in New York in September, he came to my house bringing a wrapped gift. It was this creamer, that he 'appropriated' (to commit petty theft). He told me to save it as a memory of our special summer of 1958. That was almost 50 years ago and I did save it. It's a wonderful memory for anyone who enjoyed The Concord, 'back in the day.' I took very special care of this through the years and now it's time for someone else to enjoy a little Concord memorabilia. U SA Shipping: $10.85

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