Coney Island LUNA PARK Amusement CLOCK!

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Hey Joe what do ya know? Those of you out t who know me or read my rambling descriptions
on my websites can tell Iâe(tm)m a bit odd.
Yea, a couple of sandwiches shy of a picnicâe¦âe¦ OK lets face it, I am just plain CRAZY-
and Iâe(tm)m CRAZY over CONEY ISLAND!
Iâe(tm)ve been diagnosed as an incurable " LUNAtic "-
thatâe(tm)s right folks Iâe(tm)m talkinâe(tm) about
LUNA PARK in Coney Island, New York
Frederick Thompson and Skip Dundy, former employees of Steeplechase Park, opened Luna Park in May in 1903.
The first opening evening it was estimated that over 45,000 past through the illuminated ornimental entrance gates
to see what wonders were to behold inside!
This Coney Island Collectors Clock features a stunning artistically enhanced photo
to the entrance of LUNA PARK as it appeared in 1906!
Iâe(tm)ve seen this a version of this image on postcards from the day and most of them have this
hand painted glitter on them- in fact Iâe(tm)ve seen tons of other Coney Island souvenirs
with hand painted glitter on them as well. Now taking into consideration that on a good day thousands
of these souvenirs were sold
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