Confederate Cannon Foundries Book-Civil War-Artillery!!


by Larry J. Daniel and Riley W. Gunter

First Edition, 1977


During the Civil War, Southern foundries produced more than 2300 cannon---a feat akin to an Industrial Revolution. Six years in the making, this book covers in detail every known foundry of the Civil War South. A MUST for all Civil War buffs, collectors, re-enactors, or anyone interested in the arms of America's bloodiest battles.

Two of the nation's seven foundries casting cannon for the United States just prior to the war were located in the South. T were many foundries throughout the South that could, and did, convert from peacetime to war production. Firms such as Quinby & Robinson of Memphis and T. M. Brennan & Company of Nashville, novices at cannon making, tooled up for production. The Confederate government, destined to play an ever-increasing role in the Southern war machine, developed its own foundries, four for field guns and one for heavy cannon. More than 2300 cannon were eventually produced---an amazing feat in such a short time period.

Confederate Cannon Foundries relates the stories of foundries hitherto unheralded, along with their achievements and failures. The book is divided into an introduction and four parts. The first part concerns the established foundries,
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