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7" RIBBON WORN BY MEMBERS OF R.E. LEE CAMP NO.1 OF RICHMOND, VA., AT THE BURIAL OF JEFFERSON DAVIS, PRESIDENT OF THE CONFEDERACY. GREAT PIECE.Jefferson Davis's remains, were removed from the vault in the New Orleans cemetery on May 27 and placed on a flag-draped caisson escorted by honor guards composed of his old soldiers to Memorial Hall, w he lay in state. The next day, as thousands of people silently watched from the sidewalks and balconies, the cassion slowly made its way to the train station w a special funeral train waited for the trip to Richmond. With stops in Mobile, Montgomery, Atlanta and finally Raleigh. On the way, numerous bonfires alongside the tracks briefly lit up ranks of Davis's old soldiers standing at attention as the train passed. Upon arrival in Richmond, thousands of people stood in the dark awaiting his return. The remains were removed from the train and escorted by gray-haired veterans to the Virginia statehouse. 25,000 mourners filed past the coffin before it was removed and a procession took the remains to Hollywood Cemetery were he was finally and mercifully interred in a large family plot on Memorial Day.

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