Confederate Religious Tract - 1862 - ID'd to CS Soldier

Original copy of a religious tract issued to Confederate soldiers in 1861-1862 during religious revivals outside Richmond and Petersburg by the Evangelical Tract Society of Petersburg, Virginia. It is "The Blood Upon the Door Posts; or Means of Safety in the Time of Danger" which was tract No. 75 put out by the ETS. This tract is part of a collection of such items that were brought, or sent, home by Private Haley Myers of Company H, 48th North Carolina Infantry. Please see my other auctions of the remaining tracts, as well as a broadside hymn sheet of Private Myers. The issuance of tracts by such societies is well documented. See Marjorie Lyle Crandall, Confederate Imprints (Boston, 1955, 2 vols.), Richard Harwell, More Confederate Imprints (Boston, 1957), T. Michael Parrish and Robert Willingham, Confederate Imprints: A Bibliography (Austin, 1987), and Herman Norton's Rebel Religion (St. Louis, 1961) for documentation of these rare tracts, as well as the repositories that currently hold copies of them.
The tracts in question were received by Myers (his signature is on the one titled "Advice to Soldiers" - the signature is on the last page of that tract - the one with Thanksgiving For Victory - its on the bottom of that page if you flip the image you'll see the signature) at some point between his enlistment on August 8, 186
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