CONFEDERATE VETERAN Magazine June 1899 - Civil War, Franklin & Nashville Battles

Measuring about 7¾" x 10¾", and running from page 243 to 286, this is the June, 1899, issue (Volume 7, No. 6) of the "Confederate Veteran" magazine, published in Nashville with the subtitle "Published Monthly in the Interest of Confederate Veterans and Kindred Topics." It contains obituaries, plus news of Civil War Confederate veterans' group activities, and new veterans' memorials and monuments, as well as the usual letters and Civil War reminiscences from veterans and other readers. The cover story is about Colonel Edmund W. Cole. Other topics in this issue include the Charleston Reunion of the United Confederate Veterans; the Troup Artillery; General and Bishop Ellison Capers; Civil War reminiscences of veteran Mercer Otey; Walthall's Division at the Battles of Franklin and Nashville in 1864; Hood's retreat; Col. John Burke; Major Jed Hotchkiss; and Rev. George W. Price. It is in generally good and readable condition, but there is some light rodent damage at the lower right corner throughout, which has resulted in some minimal loss of text. There are also some page corner chips and creases, and some light tearing and chipping around the edges. One other thing to mention is that eBay in its ultimate wisdom is in the process of discontining the way we have entered pictures into our listings for the last 15 years, leaving us

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