Rare & Large Conklin Endura Sr. Vintage Fountain Pen Nib Point for Endura Sr. Flattop Oversize Fountain Pen, ca. 1920’s. This is an early version of this nib. 14K Solid Gold.”M” Medium Writing Style A hard nib to find. Measures 1 1/2” Long.

Near Mint Condition, Iridium Intact.

What is meant by “professionally reconditioned” is that the pen is taken apart to its base components. Each component is completely cleaned. Only neutral substances are used during repair that will not damage celluloid, plastic, hard rubber, or metal parts. All components are reassembled, pen is lovingly polished to remove surface dirt- I never over polish, and the pen is thoroughly tested and adjusted for smoothness and proper flow. I employ only conservation restoration techniques and use primarily original tools from my vast collection of orginal tools from many pen companies. I have also made my own tools for specific tasks when these tools are called for. I have been restoring vintage fountain pens and have been devoted to the details of pen collecting and restoration for over 20 years.

A word about condition. I generally under assess the condition of the pens I offer, giving it a slightly lower grade, with the idea that the purchaser is pleasantly surprised when the pen is received. I describe all defects that I see but, being human,
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