Conn Elkhart 79H Trombone with F attachment

Conn Elkhart 79H Trombone with F attachment, serial N14913, made about 1970 - the very end of the Elkhart era. The trombone is not great looking - most of the lacquer is gone and what is left has discolored - but it is in good condition for its age, with no significant dents. The trombone is totally playable as is, with a rich, full sound. The slide is good, but could probably use alignment and removal of some tiny dings to make it excellent. The chrome plating is 99.9% intact. The valve works fine, but sounds a little stuffy. It's possible that could be improved by professional maintenance. Comes with the case shown in picture and Bach 7C mouthpiece. This is a classic trombone - with a little maintenance it should be an outstanding instrument.