Connie Stevens Paper Dolls Uncut Orginal Size Repro

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*FREE 60 Day Layaway NOW Available* So Bid away! Connie Stevens Paper Dolls. These are heat transferred laser copied.... NOT standard ink jet printed!!! A Big difference in color quality & durability . Mint & uncut. The photos are cropped so don't think part of the page is missing. Complete set! Exact copy of the original vintage boxed set. Don't confuse these w/ my 8.5x11" reproduced sets. The artwork is cleaned up by an artist & made perfect like the day they were hand painted. Pages are BRIGHT white! This group of sets I am listing now are run off the original book. Tfore the pages are exactly the same size of the vintage book & show no color discoloration on the pages. All the pages are loose & packaged in a protective mylar sleeve. ORIGINAL size like the ORIGINAL set. Only difference is these are 90% cheaper. Covers & dolls are on hardstock paper. Fashion pages are also on heavy paper like the original. Much more affordable than the original that sells for approx. $200-300 but just as lovely. All sale proceeds go towards Cancer treatment for my husband who is battling a BRAVE fight! Also selling all my double books and cut sets from MY COLLECTION. PLEASE ask questions in case I missed that important detail or am incorrect.
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