Conquistador Armor Breastplate, Helm and Sword set

Conquistador Armor Breastplate, Helm and Sword set

Conquistador. The very name summons up images of lost cities, fabled lands, and piles of golden treasure, the conquest of vast empires, and endless adventure in far away places. We offer a set of three pieces that will allow you to capture the look and feel of these bold adventurers for yourself. This set contains a breast and backplate set, helmet and sword. The breast plate is 18ga mild steel, with fully rolled edges and ornamented with decorative brass rivets and rosettes, and adjustable straps making it suitable for a variety of body sizes and types. The helmet, also 18ga, is in the classic high crested Morion style, with a high comb and wide sweeping brim, and comes with a padded cap for lining the interior. The sword, measuring 27 inches in blade length and a full 33 inches overall, is a finely balanced piece, with a design etched blade and intricately decorated hilt and pommel, plus metal sheath with a leather finish, similarly decorated at the chape and locket.


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