Conrail Railroad Training Manuals and other items

Up for bidding are 5 items for Conrail Railroad Employees!!

They are:

*Conrail Consolidated Rail Corporation Safety Rules Effective July 1, 1968

*Conrail Rules for Conducting Transportation Effective April 28, 1968

*Conrail Manual for Construction and Maintenance of Track (dated March 1, 1977) this is in a plastic cover

*Maintenance of Way Training Manual Track Vol. I which contains 5 seperate books those are:

Book I Introduction to Railroading; Book II Track Geometry; Book III The Track Structure; Book IV Special Track Items;Book V Small Tools & Supplies

*Maintenance of Way Training Manual Track Vol. II which contains 5 (different) seperat books those are:

Book VI Safety and Track Usage; Book VII Track Inspection; Book VIII Maintenance Gang Procedures; Book X Machinery and Equipment; Book XI Welding-Field

Not much else is know about these documents other than the 2 Large Training Manuals have some mildew on the binder covers only.

Also these items were owned by a gentleman who worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad and lived in Logansport Indiana

Questions Welcomed!!

Thanks for Looking and Happy eBaying!!!