Consignment Chaos - Lot - 2500 Mixed Lincoln Wheat Cents Unsearched Teens-1950's

We recently accepted a large consignment of coins to sell on eBay. Included with the consignment were several large mail tubs and boxes of US coins. Upon examining the tubs and boxes, we discovered large quantities of US coins. That's the good news. The bad news was that the coins were scattered about the tubs and what we consider
As a result, we have decided to sell the coins in various size lots. The consigner does not care - they just want the coins sold. This lot is for 2500 guaranteed unsearched Lincoln Wheat Cents. You will not find a better group of wheat cents on eBay or anywhere else. 95 % of the eBay wheat cent sellers buy their coins from us, then sort through them, then resell them to unsuspecting buyers.
Don't fall for their tricks. Buy direct from the source. We have new consignments arriving weekly.
If you order one of these lots, you will receive a mixed lot of 2500 guaranteed unsearched Lincoln Wheat Cents. The coins range from average circulated to AU/BU. The dates and mint marks are our choice and are random. The dates will range from the teens through the 1950's. We have not and will not search through the coins. We will simply count out 2500 coins from the tubs and ship. We will not honor requests for certain dates, certain grades, and/or mint marks.
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