Rare Consolidated Green Opal African Lion, Gone With The Wind, Antique Oil Lamp

Welcome to our auction, today we present this stunning rare beauty Consolidated Green Lion, Safari series center draft oil lamp. This lamp is in original oil working condition not converted to electric. It is one of the most unusual and masculine in nature, appealing to the armchair hunter and safari dreamers. A very commanding lamp standing a little over 24" with a 10" diameter globe this lamp is perfect for the Victorian formal parlor or home library. Produced in several color ways this being the dark and light green-tone decorated opal art glass with round globe. Stenciled safari scenes are present on the decorated opal art glass lamps that are not present on the plainer satin models. These are stenciled in scenes of elephants, tigers, camels, and other African safari vignettes. These were primarily executed in black or very dark green paint on the green decorated models and in brown and green paint on the brown decorated models. For the most part, there is a good amount of detailing each scene. Some work, as you might expect, is sharper and clearer than others. The hardware is pretty much the same on all of the lion lamp models, with the exception of the foot. The lamp foot on the red ( cerise ) satin lamp is very fancy and has a cherub with outstretched wings at each corner. All of the other satin and decorated models used exactly ... read more