Constantine I The Great Ancient Roman Coin Romulus & Remus 'Mother' Wolf i31751

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Constantine I 'The Great'- Roman Emperor: 307-337 A.D. -
Bronze AE3 18mm (1.94 grams) Heraclea mint: 330-333 A.D.
Reference: RIC 119 (VII, Heraclea)
VRBSROMA - Roma helmeted, draped and cuirassed bust left.
No legend Exe: SMHB - Wolf standing left, suckling Romulus and Remus; two stars above.
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Romulus and Remus are Rome's twin founders in its traditional foundation myth . They are descendants of the Trojan prince and refugee Aeneas , and are fathered by the god Mars or the demi-god Hercules on a royal Vestal Virgin , Rhea Silvia , whose uncle exposes them to die in the wild. They are found by a she-wolf who suckles and cares for them. The twins are eventually restored to their regal birthright, acquire many followers and decide to found a new city.

Romulus wishes to build the new city on the Palatine Hill; Remus prefers the Aventine Hill. They agree to determine the site through augury. Romulus appears to receive the more favourable signs but each claims the results in his favour. In the disputes that follow, Remus is killed. Ovid has Romulus invent the festival of Lemuria to appease Remus' resentful
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