Constantine's Rare Collection Fine Woods Samples in Box

For a woodworker or cabinetmaker, is a neat old find. This is a box with 50 plus samples of rare and exotic woods done in thin veneers with a label on each that identifies the wood, w it comes from, and more information. It was made by Albert Constantine and Son, Inc. Box measures 4 and 1/2 inches wide by 10 inches long, with the samples being just a bit smaller. T are 50 samples that I counted, with 5 of them having pieces missing w perhaps a bit of the wood was used for a repair. Great samples of oaks, birches, gamboa, rosewood, and many, many more. Box is in poor condition. The samples are in fair condition. All of them have the labels although some are loose, and a few of the pieces are warped a bit from moisture. Still a cool old item. I have estimated the weight as best I can, as I am selling away from home without an accurate scale. If these pack up for less weight than estimated, I will refund the difference. E-mail with any questions and thanks for looking!