Construction Crew" by Kitty Cantrell - bronze and lucite beaver sculpture

Construction Crew" by Kitty Cantrell (1993). Approximately 12 inches high. Limited edition 85/950 by Genesis Legends.
I'm selling this for the original owner. It is in new condition. However, because it is previously owned, I must list it in used condition. It was displayed in a non-smoking home.
**Please note handling cost attached to shipping. This will be shipped in a new box with Instapak foam filler.

There are no chips, cracks, or repairs. No scratches that I can see. It has only had one owner. It is in new condition. Neither the owner or her spouse were smokers and there were no children in the house. It has been displayed in her home since she purchased it and was only moved/handled for cleaning. When I package this for shipping, all open spaces will be filled with bubblewrap to prevent joints and limbs from excessive movement. The bubble-wrapped item will then be placed in a 16x16x16 box and filled with Instapak expanding foam packaging. It will be shipped via UPS ground with sufficient insurance. I will document the packaging arrangement with pictures so that any claim filed with UPS for damage during shipping should be resolved with few issues. NOTE: packaging cost of $15 is less than my actual costs. Instapak modules are $6.00 each and I will use at least two for this package. The box, purchased new, is

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