Construx Fisher Price 6225 Laser Demon comp inst LIGHTS


Vintage Construx Set:

Laser Demon 6225 - .. very rare very cool. This is a huge model. About 36" long and 18" wide. It includes working lights 4 bars and 2 jets. This thing is awsome. The lights are pretty bright. I had trouble getting a good pic.

Original instructions are included as can be seen.

Set has approx 210 pieces as i counted with it together and that is probably low. some parts also glow in the dark.

This set is complete. This set was put together with the original pieces from the several thousand pieces and 2 dozen sets I have. I put this back together using the instructions and make every attempt to ensure its correctness, lets face it when you have 20,000 pieces on the floor it takes extensive time and concentration (and patients) to re-assemble a set of any size. If you find mistakes will do my best to correct it but please be understanding these are 20-25 years old and errors can happen when you stare at these long enough.

I have several other sets up for sale

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