Contax Copy Kiev-4M, 5CM f2 Sonnar, 13.5 CM Jupiter, All except meter working

Welcome to another one of my no reserve, incredibly low starting price, prompt and inexpensive shipping, photographic auctions.

Due to my daughter’s recent wedding, and my responsibility to her, some of my significant camera collection needs to be converted. I am basically selling off all non-Nikon items and Nikon duplicates in my collection of 50 years. I always start with a low starting bid, no reserve price and my shipping charges are the charges that I pay for shipping, nothing added except for insurance, when the selling price demands it.

This is from my Nikon R F collection. It been sitting on a shelf, in one of my display cases, (behind glass), for the last few decades and needs a new home.

If you are a Contax or USSR Camera Collector, this one may interest you.

This is a Contax from the Ukraine, from the Kiev Arsenal, circa 1977.

It is a Kiev-4M, (I believe) body, with a 13.5 CM f4 Jupiter 11 telephoto lens, in Contax Mount and a Tanack 13.5 cm Tele finder with parallax correction.

There is also a 5 cm f2 copy of a Zeiss Sonnar, labeled in Gold Colored Print, around the front of the lens, “Sonnar 1:2 f5 CM Carl Zeiss Jena" with an interesting serial number of 2256777. This lens comes with a beautiful black metal lens cap, having the Zeiss Ikon symbol in gold color on it
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