Contax Fundus RTS Scientific/Medical Version SLR with Planar Lens

This is a Fundus Scientific / Medicalversion of the classic original Contax RTS SLR 35mm film camera. It comes with a Carl Zeiss 50mm f1.7 Planar lens which is bright and clear. There are the usual specks of dust normally present in lenses of this age and what appears to be a slight trace of fungus The camera is fully functional but it has not been tested recently with film nor have the shutter speeds been checked for accuracy. The instruction manual, a 1A filter and battery are included. As is well documented the original body covering quickly showed signs of wear and this camera has been professiolally recovered with high qualiity leather.

The main difference between this version and the standard one is that this one has an additional button on the front of the top plate that locks the shutter speed dial at 1/60s and the shutter release button has a more raised surround to help prevent accidental firing.

The Contax RTS was first announced in 1974 and was made available to the public a year later in1975. Crafted by the Porsche Industrial Design Group, the RTS was defined as"Real Time System" as it was an electronic camera that requires a battery to function normally.

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