Conte Collectibles ZUL-012 Saving the Colours

Conte Collectibles ZUL-012 - Saving the Colours

Two figure set on a terrain base.

Item is mint in original box.

The figures are freestanding so can be used off the terrain base as well.

First released January 2010 -The New Conte Zulu War range sets a new standard in Zulu War Miniatures. This set is one of twenty-one (yes 21) new hand painted 1/32 scale sets. Perfect for recreating all major battles of the 1879 Zulu War. The British troops are terrific for doing duty in other parts of your empire. This set like all sets in the range is elegantly boxed with the collectible figures wrapped in tissue and packed in die cut foam. The close-up pictures give some idea of the tremendous detail and emotion captured.

Conte Collectibles are made in 1/32 (54mm) scale. Made of fine pewter and are hand painted.

Here's a message from RC

"Thank you to those of you who have written or phoned or spoken to me at toy shows during the past seven or so years and encouraged me to produce Zulu War figures.
This exquisite range of proud Zulu Warriors and stalwart British Colonial troops has been a 'long time in the making", I have avoided producing this series--with the small exceptions of 2 beautiful Keith Rocco Zulu sets and a CCC release of some "Heroes of the Drift"--- for almost a decade
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