CONTE Confederate Lee Civil War ACW57155 Gettysburg single color pewter Mint

You are Bidding on a NEW Conte Collectibles American Civil War ACW57155 Single Color Confederate 1 armed officer These are figures which were originally included in some of our Conte play sets as special figures. They are made of 'fine pewter", the same material which we've used in our connoisseur painted metal sets. We call them 'single color' because most are painted in one color , a color which matches the color of our injection molded plastic figures from the same range. Previously, these sets were only available as parts within a play set. In sorting the warehouse , we have found a few of these and are making them available as individual sets. They are perfect for use by plastic collectors (our original intention) but are also highly prized by metal collectors who like to do their own painting.
Conte set ACW57110 is A GREAT set SET CONSISTING OF 6 marchingfigures This set has long been sold out & discontinued. s......YES we will ship worldwide and YES we try to combine auction wins in the same week to save on shipping!!! If you've been searching for this set, please be advised that we are not rerunning these. When these vault sets are gone, they are gone for good.......
We are "Conte Collectibles." We design and produce ALL Conte product. You are dealing direct with the designer/creator of these beautiful
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