Contemporary clean dirty dishwasher sign magnet or foam tape

Grab the tab and slide it to either side with one finger, elbow or even your knee if you have to.

These plastic signs have an attractive White Texture Finish, which is just beautiful as is.

They can be painted to match your dishwasher color. Appliance paint is available in all appliance colors.

You'll like this handy Kitchen Tool. It keeps the family from dropping dirty dishes in on your clean dishes, before you've had a chance to unload them.

"We actually save money and energy by not rewashing those "questionable" loads. No problems since installing this useful little helper"

The fronts of a lot of dishwashers today are not magnetic (Steel) they are plastic where you'll want to place this sign, or to keep them out of toddlers reach.

These signs come with double stick tape attached to the back. So you can stick them where you want to, not where you have to!

(However magnets are available for FREE! See options)

Now Color Coded . Kids are so smart! They pay attention to every detail; they know in the car that RED means STOP , and GREEN means GO!

Now they'll know the same thing at the dishwasher with their dirty dishes.

Red means Stop and wait for the " cleans " to come out!

Green means GO ahead and put your dirty dishes in.

Measures 5" x 1 ¼" x ½"

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