Contemporary Pair Of Childrens Wooden Water Skis. GC-+!

It`s a nice set of training skis for some kid. Would you believe I learned how to waterski in the early 1970`s on a pair not too different from these.

Do you remember the Indian in the canoe commercial ? W he pulled up to the shore amongst floating tires and detergent bottles with a tear in his eye ?

Thats w I learned how to waterski. Irondequoit bay. Rochester NY`s Toilet for 150 years plus.

Half sunk steel barrells. Floating logs, sticks and 2x4`s with nails floating in a tangled mass of algae and weeds and toilet paper.

No wonder I was plagued with ear infections.

Had to run to the shower after waterskiing lessons.

But I learned how to do it and am eternally thankfull. My Dad.

Anyway they are. Not perfect. The finish is scraped away along the edges. The plastic fins are sporting nicks. The heels of the bindings are sporting something only I can describe as mold that won`t come off despite my wifes best efforts with 409, vinegar or laundry detergent. They are contemporary neoprene bindings , no tears, nice shape too. Just the stains on the heels. Why ? Who knows.

She got most of it off.

The bindings are for kids feet, have 5 different sizes. You pull up on the black knob move it to size, let the knob go and it snaps into place.

They measure
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