Continental T&P Texas & Pacific 2-10-4 brass class I-1

Continental Models and Max Gray split 500 models of this engine with each selling 250. This is the Continental Model (but same as Max Gray) T&P 2-10-4 imported in the late 1950's. Engine is used, has plating wear but otherwise in good shape. It has its original open fram motor. The engine has received several up grades: New pyle national brass casting headlight with a MV lens, new whistle, dynamo and a blowoff seperator has been added along with brake shoes. It came with a pot metal casting of the booster on the rear trailing truck wheel which you can not see without picking up the engine. Anyway the pot metal decided to die about a year ago and decomposed and fell off. This is the very first run of these engines and has a rubber pad for driver suspension. It runs without any binds and through its speed range starts out a little noisy but quiets down. The tender has also been up graded with safety rails and chain on the oil deck, steps from water deck to oil deck and doghouse. This is the class I-1 engine without the flanged smokestack and has the chambers front end throttle as the first 10 engines were equipped. Subsequent engines came with American multiple throttle and a flanged stack. I do have the original box but will pack engine seperately because the old boxes did not really protect the model very well.

I have
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