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The flash from my camera gives the White bright flash area on both sides of the shell. It is not on the shell itself. This is just caused by the bright flash. The shell is the same beautiful pattern of color all around. It it perfect! A couple of pictures were taken with the sun shining on it for just a moment to show the natural color. This Beautiful Glory-of-the-Seas has been well protected from sunlight.

Glory of the Seas

Conus Gloriamaris

A Very Beautiful LARGE Sea Shell from my collection! This was once considered one of the rarest shells in the world and they are getting rarer all the time. Anyone with the small scientific booklets from the 1960s and '70s on Worldwide Sea Shells remembers this Glory-of-the-Seas with it's own page and named the "Rarest Sea Shell in the World" until other specimens were discovered in deeper regions of the seas.

T has been talk over the last couple of years that these would no longer be able to be exported out of Asian countries and will then become harder to collect and to get into your collection. I've had this and several others in my collection for many years and purchased this from a well known collector from the Western United States.

Absolutely no cracks, no chips, no damage, and
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