Convex Diamond Grinding Wheel, 6"x1/4", 80 grit

6" x 1/4" Convex Diamond Grinding Wheel, 80 grit 6" x 1/4" Convex Diamond Grinding Wheel 80 grit
You are purchasing one new 80 grit Convex Diamond Grinding Wheel that is 6" in diameter and 1/4" wide. The hole size is 1 inch.
Upon request, we can supply hole size adapters that will allow the wheel to fit on 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" arbors at no charge as long as they are shipped with the grinding wheel. The thinnest whole size adapters we have are 1/2" thick so you will have to sand them down to the width of the wheel which is 1/4". The whole size adapters are plastic so they can be ground down quickly.
Note: The wheel in the picture is one of our 80 grit wheels.
This is a high quality diamond grinding wheel. Note that these are not the lower quality wheels from India. We have dealt with the same factory for over 7 years and they manufacture our diamond wheels and tools to our specifications - check our customer feedback.
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Shipping and handling to USA destinations: 1-6 Wheels: $11.50
Shipping to Canada: 1-6 Wheels: $26.95 Maximum of 6 wheels per flat rate box.
Shipping to other International Destinations: 1-6 Wheels: $43.45 Maximum of
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