Cookie Jar -- Salmon Canister - Southwest Design Border

Salmon Canister
with SW Design Border
By Treasure Chest

Over the next few weeks, we will be posting another portion of a 125-150 piece Very Special Cookie Jar Collection , many with matching pieces such as Teapots, Salt/Pepper Shaker Sets, etc. T are also Sets and Singles in Teapots, Coffee Pots, Milk/Water Pitchers. They are all from one Owner's Private Collection and acquired over a long period of time.
The Most Unique feature of this Collection is its theme. It is entirely WESTERN and SOUTHWESTERN with just a touch of MEXICO . T will be many pieces which are Hard-to-Find or Extremely Rare ... such as a number of Western Movie and TV heroes of the 1950s, Brush-McCoy, along with a selection of Very Old--Vintage--Antique Cookie Jars.
While the overall theme is Western/Southwestern, the Cookie Jars have been divided into 12 "Shape" Categories: 01-Animals, 02-Animals as People, 03-Buildings, 04-Cactus, [05-None], 06-Chilies, 07-Heads & Hats/Celebrities, 08-Mexican/Sombrero, 09-People, 10-Regular with Motifs, 11-Wheels, 12-Other, 13-Holiday.
Our plan is to list the Cookie Jars and their coordinated items by category and then the other pieces. As we continue to post listings, you will be able to view all the items (both auction and in-store) in our eBay eStore, The Marengo Mercantile..
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