COOL "Stromatolite" Agatized Algae 2 LBS - LAPIDARY


ON this auction I have nice piece of AWESOME Agatized Algae or " Stromatolite", I have been told by the previous Owner .This lot is cut on one side, and appears to be a fairly solid piece, and is a very nice example with some nice beautifully patterned material, that was obtained in a collection we purchased . This piece appears to have a small fracture that I could see and I can't really tell if t is any further on in on this specimen. It has a nice patterns & colors ! This would make a LOT of cabachons, or wire wraping material, or be nice carving material, or make some nice spes ! This piece has beautiful texture,and BEAUTIFUL PATTERNING. Lots of nice "wave" patterns on this specimen !

If you are looking for some very unusual material THIS IS IT!, so let the bidding begin! I am in the begining stages of the Lapidary Hobby, and got this with a very old collection from the 1960's. I have more SLABS, ROUGH, SPECIMENS, EQUIPMENT, and just about anything else you can think of that I will be listing in the future


The pictures were taken indoors, and with the material wet, and don't really show how cool this stuff is! T is some glare on parts of it. I bought four OLDER collections, and part of a fifth, and am kind of overwhelmed
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