Coors Beer Boot Glasses 2 1960 Vintage Rare

These are a pair of 1960's Coors Beer Boot Glasses that measure 6" tall and 2 7/8" across the top. The handles measure 3 1/8" long, and the length of the boots are 3 7/8" long and 2 1/4" at the widest part of the bottom of each boot. These glasses are also 3/8" thick.

T is the Coors name with the Coors logo in red on the front of each boot. The design on each boot looks as though they are real leather cut boots. They even have the top stitching lines in the glass just at the right areas in each boot.

These wonderful Coors Boots are in perfect condition without any cracks, chips or scratches anyw and have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. These boots come from our smoke free home. If you are ordering several items please let us combine the shipping for you.