Copper & Brass ~MADE IN HOLLAND 1900'sTea Kettle/Teapot

Early 1900's



Teapot or Tea Kettle

My mother passed away recently and I'm in the process of selling most of the Teapots/Kettles from her collection. The majority were purchased in the 1950's, mostly in Midwest antique shops. Then they were displayed atop our kitchen cupboards and mother took great care not to duplicate designs. Other than a yearly washing, the kettles/pots were not used or handled once displayed. I am not an expert on antiques, but grew up with most of these displayed in the kitchen since the 1950's. I've provided you with the best close-up photographs I could get of each. Most were already well used when she acquired them and already had their old beat up and used copper and or brass finishes when brought home. But mother loved the authentic rustic look and wouldn't have change a thing. So they have never been polished with any type of copper cleaner. If you have questions, please send an email and I will gladly respond.

This specific listing is for a wonderful old Copper & Brass Tea Kettle. The bottom half of the teapot is brass, with a brass spout, handle, and lid. It has a black lid knob and the handle expertly hand wrapped in a subltance I think is thin strips of black leather, with a light strip of the same substance woven through the
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