Copper Engraving P. Bessa Botanical French 1820s Print

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This is one of 16 antique french Pancrase Bessa prints I will be listing. Pancrase Bessa was a contemporary of P. J. Redoute.

I am an interior designer and purchased these for a client 5 years ago. When we were putting the finishing touches on she decided to go with a very large oil painting rather than 4 rows of 4 antique prints framed on the wall. I searched high and low for prints of this quality in reds and golds for the room and found these at a small antique shop in New York City.

First all of the prints are very vibrant but the flash didn't show the detail of the paper so I took the flash off to show just how old each print is. The size of the print is 6 1/2" x 9 7/8".

This print is from the book Herbier General de L'Amateur plate 414. It is called Anemone coronaria. Var. This print is an original copper engraving with hand applied color to the flower and hand written name of flower below. This print is from 1820 close to 2 centuries old! This looks alot like a Peony flower and not a Anemone but I am not a flower expert. Pancrase Bessa is a comtemporary of P. J. Redoute. This print is an original copper engraved image that is than hand painted and a hand written flower name below.

If you search the web for value I find some from the same artist from 183
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