Hand made from sheet copper and lead-free solder.The "Pot Belly" still the most handsome of all still types,in my opinion.The design ensured against "scorching" the whiskey and the pot, or boiler.A stone furnace was constructed which had a firebox built by building a "U" shape stone wall 18" to 2' high and 6 to 8 inches thick mortared with red clay.A large flat rock served as a platform for the still to set on top of the wall leaving a space at the bottom of the "U" for air-flow.The rest of the furnace was built on top of the firebox and the flue was at the open end of the "U", the same side you feed the fire.The furnace was built to fit at the cape, or wide point of the still and no higher.This ensured the heat source would not heat the pot above the liquid level inside the pot eliminating the possibility of ruining your still by scorching.The pot was then sealed in place with mud.The still filled,cap & worm fit on firmly and sealed with a rye flour paste.This is the earliest design,not shape mind you,which demanded lots of work,as several"runs" were required for final product.All the low wines or singlings were saved from the first,second,third and fourth or more runs then poured back into the pot and ran through a second time,*This was called doubled & twisted double;because it
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