Copy Antonius Stradivarius Violin Made in Germany 1720

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T is an interesting story about this old violin. I was told, many many years ago, that t was a young couple who farmed the land in the Midwest . In the evenings, after a long day in the fields, the wife would play her violin for her husband as they relaxed after dinner. The farmer knew his wifeâe(tm)s deepest wish was to own a Stradivarius. Sadly, being simple people living by farming the land, he felt a deep sorrow that he would never be able to fulfill his wifeâe(tm)s desire. The years passed, and their farm grew comfortably prosperous. Even so, the cherished Stradivarius was still far beyond reach. Then the farmer, no longer a young man, heard that t was a copy made of the Stradivarius violin. With excitement, and aid from his church, he found one and was able to purchase it. He presented this violin was to his wife on Christmas day. I was told, she played it nightly until her passing.

This was the story I was told so very many years ago. Whether itâe(tm)s fancy or fact ~~~ I do not know ~~~ but it is sweet.

We have had this violin for many years. We do not play and so decided to find a new home for it. We have not done any repairs nor have we cleaned it other than carefully dusting it for fear we would harm it. We took many photoâe(tm)s ~ not being sure what would be of importance
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