You're bidding on a nostalgic piece of St. Louis history, - a gold tin ashtray from the famous and infamous Coral Court Motel on old Route 66.

The exact vintage of this ashtray is unknown and please note that on the ashtray itself t is a zip code included in the address.

This rare find is more valuable for the cross-cultural era and legacy it represents rather than its age and if only ashtrays could talk ... !


Gold in color, front to back. Measures approximately 4" x 4" in size.

Gold is clean and bright and untarnished with the finish intact on the front and some minor wear to the back. No major dents, scratches or other distractions.

The pic shows lightened areas but that is due to the camera flash.

Overall condition shows very minor use. I've had this stored for the last ten years.

Thanks for looking and Happy eBaying!

Colorful history of the Coral Court Motel:

"It was an institution. I've got a glass block, a tin ashtray, some towels and a matchbook. I grew up and spent my whole life in St. Louis. Coral Courts, even as a child, you heard the older people talking about it. It had its nefarious reputation, but when you drove by it, it was a beautiful little affection, with its trees and all that. A lot of people didn't know that place
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