Corgi 1:72 Scale Mig 29 Fulcrum - A - East German Air Force LIMITED EDITION

You are bidding on a NEW AND NEVER BEEN DISPLAYED Corgi Mikoyan MiG-29 Fulcrum-A East German Air Force JG 3, Vladimir Komarow, Preschen Air Base, Germany, 1990.

This MiG-29 is constructed almost entirely of diecast metal with only the smallest amount of plastic used. The canopy is configurable and can be displayed in the open position for easy viewing of the pilot figure and cockpit interior. The robust metal landing gear with attached gear doors is easy to install for ground display or in-flight display on the included stand. . Details such as hydraulic lines and wing construction are visible inside the wheel wells.

This model is in MINT condition and the box also is in MINT condition just as it left the FACTORY.

This model is a LIMITED EDITION and is number 353 out of only 2060 peices distributed WORLD WIDE .

A CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY is included with the model.

In Germany, a number of ex-East German MiG-29s remain in service with the unified Luftwaffe. The East German MiGs were Russian export models and thus are less capable than their Russian counterparts. For example, the engines were downgraded to 90 percent maximum power. The radar system is less powerful, with detection range reduced to about 40km. Even so, these MiG-29s have proven themselves more than capable on practice sorties
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