Corgi Classics: 98602 - General Motors 4505 - Greyhound Lines

Corgi Classics: Vintage Buses USA - 98602 - General Motors 4505 - Greyhound Lines
Superb Americ an Bus , lovingly cared for in excellent condition, never displayed with limited edition certificate and wing m irrors.
Hav e recently inher it ed a significant collection of mint, boxed and undisplayed (often never opened) Corgi models. These are largely from the 1980's and 1990's and include large collections of the Corgi Vintage Glory of Steam Range, the Corgi Classics Commercial, Corgi Classics Public Transport ranges along with large number of Corgi Buses from OB Coaches , Guy Arabs, America Buses and AEC Regals.
I am looking to se ll the entire collection over the next few weeks, which has cost over £7, 500 over the last thirty years, so would be happy to receive any questions on these.
Many th ank s for looking.
All the best!