Corgi WW2 Blitz Aeroplane set Spitfire, me 109 and Hienkel

For sale Corgi WW2 Blitz set AA99127
Please look at the pictures carefully, the models inside have never been removed from the packaging, all of the small parts like landing gear etc are still sealed in bags from the factory. I bought this at the time of it's release but never got round to displaying it, instead it sat up on top of my wardrobe in a black bag . the models have stayed in the box since then. The box lid does have a rub mark along the bottom front and a couple of wear marks to the corners which were present when i bought it other than that it is in great condintion.
The limited edition certificate number is 1287 .
Please check my 100% feedback and buy with piece of mind, i am not a dealer but have decided to reduce the size of my collection and let soemone else have the pleasure of displaying these great corgi models.
Thanks for looking