Corgi WWII Heinkel Luftwaffe Sardinia AA33704 RETIRED!

If you have purchased prior Corgi WWII Bombers, Messerschmitts and Strategic Fighters from us in the past, WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE SOME OF OUR NEWEST AND LATEST ADDITIONS! THEY ARE ABSOLUTE BEAUTIES! And like all of the models we sell, the 1943 Heinkel He # AA33704 up for auction today comes to you in all original packaging -- never touched nor displayed -- and all from a smoke-free household. It is MINTY MINT!!!

it is in absolute Mint, Never on a Store Shelf, all original packaging condition from the world leader in die-cast, Great Britain's Corgi Classics:

Heinkel He III H-6 - IH+FK, 2./KG26 'Lowen-Geschwader', Ottana, Sardinia, August 1943 AA33704 in Unopened, Full Color HUGE & BEAUTIFUL Collector Box 1 Airplane Set from the Aviation Archive WWII Collection Series 1:72 Scale Ltd. Edition Model is a Member of the Corgi Aviation Archive Collection
Die-cast Wingspan: 12.25 inches Nose to Tail: 9.00 inches Plane features working wheels, propellers, wheel flaps, spectacular details and paint; includes multiple guns on plane's body and one pilot in the cockpit -- SUPER REALISM! This fabulous AA33704 model also features an airman at middle top of the plane fuselage in a 2nd cockpit firing a machine gun German WWII logos and markings on the Heinkel aircraft Plane is painted in camouflage dusty brown with splotches
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